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November 25, 2009

Decorating your Outdoor Living Space!

It’s a rare day in Wisconsin when we can go outdoors and it’s nice enough to just sit outside. Now you can truly enjoy your outdoor space by decorating it with more than just furniture. There so many new products made specifically for furnishing your patio. Most of them are made for outdoor and indoor – so these items aren’t limited to your patio, but imagine them in your 3-season room or sunroom.

Left: This rug is 100% Polypropylene.
Made out of the same material that the cushions on your outdoor set might be made from, the rug is thick. So put it in a sunny spot and allow time for it to dry after it rains. These rugs come in different sizes and start around $99 for a 3×5.
If you ask someone the time, watch them look for their cell phone. Has the watch just become a decorative accessory?  These clocks make a beautiful statement indoor or outdoor and are safe to leave outside all winter long.

A perfect decorating marriage is when you combine practical function with beautiful design, and these clocks have it!

Clock 1 (above): $269.50

Clock 2 (right):

Above: For more ideas for your outdoor living space visit Padmas Plantation or stop in to Furniture Studio in Wisconsin Rapids.