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November 25, 2009

I have been recently puzzled by the number of people overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to decorate their home. Can you relate? Is it because you aren’t able to find what you like, afraid to make a mistake, lack of money, or something else?

Some seem to be like artists looking for just the right piece to reflect themselves in the amount of space they have to work with. They will know it when they see it!

Others, seem to want the home to look JUST RIGHT, and not sure how to do it. They are afraid to make a mistake!

One of the customers at Furniture Studio suggested it’s because of lack of money. A feeling of not having the money to do what they want!

Could it be that the last home furnishings purchase experience wasn’t a good one? Maybe the quality was poor, the item didn’t last as long as they had hoped, it was too big, too small, uncomfortable or just something was wrong. Buyer’s remorse!

It seems like there is more anxiety related to purchasing home furnishings or decorating the home than other purchases like jewelry, clothing, cars, etc… Maybe it’s easier to justify our mistakes or there is value to be able to resell the products.

How can we eliminate or reduce this anxiety?

My experience is that working with a designer costs less in the end because you make less mistakes, but you have to be willing to give up some control to trust and that can be very difficult. Maybe it’s just not possible to reduce the anxiety when purchasing home furnishings.

What do you think? Take our brief survey!

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November 25, 2009

The perfect recipe for great floral arrangements:
Start with a unique pot add some dried florals, silk florals, and greenery… maybe a pinch of something else and WAH-LAH!

The decorating can be seasonal or just coordinating with your current furniture pieces.  Florals can add color and softness to a room while greenery adds the softness, but with a neutral & natural coloring.  I may have mentioned florals in a previous blog, but it’s that time of year where you’re looking for ideas to decorate for the seasons.

This first floral has a subtle winter feel with the icicle, berries and reindeer head.  Very natural and appealing.  It could be dining table centerpiece or even an accent next to the hearth/fireplace area.

Below is another natural option with the dried grasses, acorns and leaves.  It’s amazing the amount of color that can come from a very neutral palete.  The pot has a unique burst of two-tone color to perfect the look.  The vertical shape of this one makes it good for on a console table or above a low bookshelf where you need some height.

Happy & lighthearted.  A mix of small florals offers a large variety of color and the white pot is light and bright.  It’s easy to add or take away from this to create an updated look.  Florals bring color and texture to a room in a 3-Dimensional format that a picture can’t.  Really, what other accessory can? Home Design & Trends: Accents and More…

November 25, 2009

Look to the floor by your fireplace where you have an empty space that could really use something special, it’s been bothering you for a long time.  The piece needs to be just right

A large decorative vase or pot is just what you need!

Imagine a large decorative vase or pot like the ones pictured in this email to not just fill the space, but take the space from functional to cozy.  Decorative accessories are to a home like jewelry on a person.

These pots are made by hand so each one is slightly irregular or unique.  The vases have a fantastic variety of color, allowing you to coordinate with your room or add a punch of color.  Create a softening effect by adding some greenery or florals to your vase.

If this is a new look for you, the pieces may seem overly large, but that’s the trend.  Small and cluttered is out, single pieces that are individuals pieces of artwork is in.

Ok, so maybe you don’t even have a fireplace, but I’m sure you have an empty corner or table that would look great with a decorative vase.  Even if it is smaller than the one shown here. Home Design & Trends: Personal Taste

November 25, 2009

Everyone has a unique and personal decorating preference, including you!  Not everyone has ‘design or decorating’ talent, but everyone has a style preference.

What’s the difference?
Let’s start with decorating talent.  Someone with decorating talent can take any room and place the furniture in the room giving the room the right amount of balance, texture, color, etc… The layout will feel good to anyone that walks in the room.

Personal style is different.  Even if you can’t bring it all together to make it look good, you know what you like.  You will be drawn to certain colors and styles no matter what the current trends are.  Let’s start with dining tables… which do you prefer?  (or which one makes your heart beat faster!)

  • Country Tuscan: Even though this isn’t as strong as it has been, it’s still well liked by many.  Bright colors and easy to look at landscapes.

  • Rustic: We are the ‘Northwoods” and we are love our log cabin homes or decorating our homes with pictures of animals and rustic frames.

  • Western: We have scattered horse farms in our area, but we don’t have many people that decorate their homes in western themes.

  • Landscape Traditional (Most Popular in our area):  Easy to decorate around, easy on the eyes, very ‘safe’.

  • Formal Traditional: In any traditional home, there is usually one room in the house that calls for the drama of something formal and european.

  • Contemporary: I’ve added 2 pictures for contemporary because it seems to be a trend that is becoming more popular.  Especially if it is mixed with traditional furniture. Home Design & Trends: Let Your Creative Side Show

November 25, 2009

Don’t be afraid to move the furniture and accessories around in your home.  I’ve seen homes that had things arranged in the same place for ten, twenty, even thirty years!  Give your home a ‘mini-facelift’ by taking everything you have, put them in a pile and start all over.  If you can’t see past what was there before, have a friend come over or hire an interior designer.  They will take the items in the pile that are usable and put them in fresh places to give the room a new look.

You’ve seen it done on TV, but it can be done in your home too.  Try it every 5-7 years to keep it fairly fresh.  Change out a lampshade if it’s starting to see wear or just plain dated.  For fresh color and texture, add pillows to your sofa, a new throw or a rug.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old your furniture and accessories are… don’t get discouraged!  Some of the best accessories are ones that have memories attached to them or age (almost antique).  An eclectic mix can be really fun!

Lampshades: Today you can add lampshades that have fringe, beads, patterned shades, or different shapes.  Be careful to keep in mind where the lamp will be to make sure the amount of lighting is right for the space.  If you need it for reading, you will want a sufficient amount of light.

Pillows: We have some great pillows at Furniture Studio right now.  One is very neutral in color, but is made up of tiny shells – giving it a shiny, much textured look.  Another one is a faux mink pillow.  These are the two customer favorites right now.

Throws: throws can be fairly inexpensive, and by themselves may not do much, but with some new paint, pillows and a fresh layout they will add to the feel of a room.

Lastly, another reminder … don’t forget to paint!

P.S. Your furniture doesn’t have to be against the walls. Home Design & Trends: Lighting

November 25, 2009


We just added a new lighting line at Furniture Studio!  We asked the company to let us sell the line, but they only wanted to sell to lighting stores.  After two years, they finally realized that the closest lighting galleries are in Madison or Wausau so they opened up the opportunity to us.  We sold 3 in the first two days we had them displayed in the store!

On our opening order we took advantage of the “OVERSTOCK” items and bought at 50% off.

The light below is even better looking in ‘real life’ and only $187!!!  That competes with Menards pricing, but also offers a unique, incredible style.

We are excited about this because lighting is an easy fixture to replace when remodeling and adds value when you go to sell your home.  Furniture Studio has a lot of ceiling room to display lots of new chandeliers, pendants, and fans so this is just the beginning!

A little bit about Furniture Studio…
I’m told we are a ‘hidden gem’ for Wisconsin Rapids.  We are hidden (tucked behind Storage Unlimited), but we are only a gem if you are looking for something different than the norm!  In addition to our interior design service, we offer over 5000 sq ft of unique furniture, accessories, cabinets & lighting. You may have seen the “You just missed us” billboard.  That’s us! Home Design & Trends: A Touch of Sunshine!

November 25, 2009

We are finally starting to see some warmer weather again and along with that comes the sun. What if your walls were painted that color of sunshine?Mimosa yellow is bright, but it’s supposed to be. Cheerful really. How could you stay gloomy when surrounded by such a happy color? That’s why the color experts at Pantone have selected Mimosa as the Pantone Color of the year for 2009.
Thinking about the stock market, newspaper, job opportunites, our retirement portfolios, the housing market, our neighbors jobs, etc… can be downright depressing.  So experts predict that we will be drawn towards colors that make us happy! This warm color isn’t just for home furnishings, but also fashion trends.
When Pantone speaks, even PotteryBarn listens!  See how the yellow pillows on the chairs add a punch of color?
Sometimes the yellow will be more of a subtle accent as in these pictures to the left.

In Wisconsin, I think the yellow color will be a bit more common in the toned down golden version. Just imagine the possibilities! Home Design & Trends: Borders are Passe…

November 25, 2009

Paint will refresh a room, but please do not put a new border up where the last one came down since borders are truly passé. Instead, consider a way to add texture and color with a few key wall decor pieces. Our best selling accessories and pictures at Furniture Studio come from Uttermost. They have an amazing amount of great wall art! We can’t keep it in stock!!

Looking for something more personal? Try custom ‘deco’ boxes from Susan Cour (Simple Captivating) or removable wall text from Uppercase Living.

Faux finishes on a wall are not what they used to be either. I’ve seen paint that is made to look like metal, tile, glass, brick, etc… just incredible textures you want to reach out and touch. Mave Alft is one of the most talented people I have ever met and she lives right here in Central Wisconsin! You can see her work on display at local stores like Furniture Studio or Custom Kitchens in Wisconsin Rapids.

Wallpaper is not as common, but still looks good in the right places and the right pattern. Tom’s Paint & Decorating in Wisconsin Rapids has hundreds of books to look at with the ‘small town’ personal service.

Last thought… I recommend Tom’s Paint for great Porter paint or Ace Hardware for Benjamin Moore paints. We enjoy working with both of them on customer projects!

Simple. Easy. Done.  (right?)