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December 14, 2009

If you aren’t purchasing clothes or electronics this Holiday Season (such as the popular Wii and Nintendo DS), you might be thinking about a piece of furniture for your home.  Cheval mirror’s, blanket chests, gun cabinets, jewelry chests and coat racks are always top of the list this time of year.

When I started in the furniture industry 10 years ago, I was told that those are the items that get more popular around the Holidays.  I’m not quite sure why that is, but it is still true today.  Again this year, around Thanksgiving, we had customers asking for gun cabinets, coat racks and a cheval mirror!

This is a cheval mirror in a plantation cherry finish.  Beautiful for any room.  Below is a picture of what you might expect to see for an iron coat rack (instead of a traditional wood one), but the other is actually a Jewelry CHEST, but it’s disguised as a floor mirror!  Not your traditional furniture piece!

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November 25, 2009

This new display at Furniture Studio in Wisconsin Rapids is ahhhhhhhhh, just dreamy!
The colors are subtle and relaxing so it’s the details like texture that make it different.  The multi-colored knots on the bottom of the curtain panels, wicker on the basket, rope on the outside of the lampshade, etc…  We’ve seen a lot of different designs with lamps over the last few years like beads, tassels, and fringe, but this is NEW!  It gives it a natural almost organic feel.

It’s a mix of rustic and elegant…
Rustic elements: the buffet has a distressed, handscraped look, the mirror has a weathered ‘rock’ look (really made out of plastic or resin), and the picture up high on the wall has what looks like sticks glued to the picture.
Elegant elements: Silver lamp with beads, shimmery curtain panels and pale colors.

Easy decorating tip: hang your curtain panels from a copper rod (from Home Depot) for a unique look.  Add some finials. Home Design & Trends: The Designer in You

November 25, 2009

Everyone has a unique and personal decorating preference, including you!  Not everyone has ‘design or decorating’ talent, but everyone has a style preference.

What’s the difference?
Let’s start with decorating talent.  Someone with decorating talent can take any room and place the furniture in the room giving the room the right amount of balance, texture, color, etc… The layout will feel good to anyone that walks in the room.  Personal style is different.  Even if you can’t bring it all together to make it look good, you know what you like.  You will be drawn to certain colors and styles no matter what the current trends are.  Let’s start with dining tables… which do you prefer?  (or which one makes your heart beat faster!)




This is only a sample of different styles that could appeal to you.  I can’t fit everything in this small blog, but wanted to give you a taste. Home Design & Trends: Northwoods Getaway

November 25, 2009

We are seeing a lot of our summer cabin customers this week who are up to enjoy their cabins. They are looking for furniture to decorate their cabins on a budget!  Here are a few of my favorite cabin or cottage looks…

Carmel TV Stand 48
This carmel 48″ TV stand is great for only $868

Florence Side Chest
Side chest with storage for only $443

Montecito Queen Bed
Monticito Queen bed $1487

Ashley Furniture is always a great style at the lowest price
Table and 4 chairs $499 Home Design & Trends: Bedroom Sets

November 25, 2009

Are you attending a wedding or getting married soon?

What furniture did you
get when you got married several years ago?

Many couples buy new living room furniture with the wedding monies or receive it as a gift.  I would like to make a different suggestion: master bedroom furniture.

The average consumer keeps a sofa approx 7-10 years, up to forty years if it’s a leather sofa.  Even if you still have the sofa, it moves to the basement or off to college. Usually, sofas don’t make it that long, so you end up disposing of your wedding memory.

But…. a bedroom set you keep for years and years. Often a good bed will get passed to children and grandchildren.

I know it’s tempting to decorate for friends and family, but don’t always put yourself last. Create a space that’s a paradise just for you. It’s a way to pamper yourself that lasts longer than a vacation or spa treatment.  Hey… if you can, do them all!

Lastly, another great part about a bedroom set is that you can change the paint, lamps, bedcover, etc., and have a completely new look. Home Design & Trends: The Inside Story on Recliners

November 25, 2009


Recliners are great gifts for Father’s Day!
Think about how often your dad finds his place in that favorite chair.
Things to consider:
•    comfort
•    style
•    quality
•    price
•    service

Comfort: You may visualize a large comfy rocker recliner similar to the one to the left, but there are so many options. Everyone has a different comfort level.  If you need more back support, look for a lumbar pillow built into the back or a firm back.  Don’t expect a chair that fits you comfortably to fit your spouse the same way.  You really need to sit in the chair yourself to know.

Style: Imagine a chair that reclines to give you style with comfort. Check out

Bradington Young offers this stylish recliner that looks like a chair. It offers the distressed black finish, top grain leather and quality construction. At Furniture Studio our focus is style, quality and value – so you can expect to see a chair like the one above in our showroom in Wisconsin Rapids.

Quality: Not every recliner is equal in regards to quality. See Bradington Young for an idea of good quality.  Every element is important from the reclining mechanism to the durability of the fabric or leather. I recommend evaluating how often the chair will be used and purchase that level of quality.  I also recommend a company that specializes in making recliners, not a company that just makes a few recliners, but really specializes in sofas. Along with Bradington Young and Barcalounger, other companies that have a good reputation are Flexsteel, Lane and La-z-boy.  Every company has different levels of quality, so buying the “NAME” isn’t a good way to purchase.  If it’s been twenty years since you purchased your last recliner, don’t expect your new one to last as long unless you spend more than $1500.  The quality is NOT the same as twenty years ago.

Price: Some people would like quality, but at a lower price.  Look for a quality manufacturer like Bradington Young, but with limited options like an import line such as Seven Seas Seating. The recliner below is only offered in one color. It is made overseas, but the company requests the level of quality they would like it to be manufactured with. Although we know very little is made as well as products made in the USA, it’s still an option worth considering.

Service: This word sounds so blah, blah… but there really is something to be said for exceptional service.  We are so used to returning anything and everything, but a recliner is almost like a car.  There are parts that can get worn out and need to be repaired or replaced.  I think it’s very important to purchase from a store with a good reputation and tell them as soon as you know there is a problem.  Any good manufacturer will stand behind their products as much as possible during the first few years.  Don’t be afraid to complain, the store can’t help if they don’t know there is a problem.