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Home Design and Trends: Color My World!

April 9, 2010

Easy Ways to Add Color to a Room

It’s easy and fun – but don’t go overboard. Pick one wall or one piece of furniture and get comfortable with injecting some color into your life!

1) Wallpaper one wall: Pick one wall and a great looking wallpaper with pattern, color, or both! Vertical stripes will add depth while a pattern will be easy to hide your seams. So, whether you’re a professional, or just trying it for the first time, choose accordingly.

2) Try a large piece of furniture in a great color: The key here is to not make it look like a carnival funhouse – although I’m sure the kids would love that! Keep your room in a neutral color and then add an eye-catching sofa or chair in a color that you like and works with existing hues in the room. Think of it like an outfit. If you have a neutral outfit in greys, blacks and whites, you can add a bright colored shoe and it works!

3) Paint something other than the walls: Sure, the walls are great for painting, but what about the ceiling or the floor? Try an unexpected color in a pplace you might not expect it. I had a friend who had a sweet kitchen that had a bistro feel to it. They had great appliances and the walls done in a calm golden color and then Pow! You looked up at the ceiling and you saw a rich brick red. Such a wonderful rich color – warm and perfect for the kitchen!

So…give some color a whirl and you’ll be hooked! I know I am!


Home Design and Trends: When to Hire a Pro When You Can’t “Do It Yourself”

March 15, 2010

When to Hire a Pro When You Can’t “Do It Yourself

Find out when it pays to call for help in some common situations.

Problem: You’d like to spruce up your house, but you can’t seem to find the right red paint to complement your olive green couch.

Solution: The color consultant. She can help you select colors that work for your space and spare you from testing 15 different reds on your walls. She can also lead you to unexpected, possibly more daring choices.


Problem: Your bookcases are buckling under their heavy load.

Enter: The carpenter. A professional knows exactly what to do, from choosing the right veneer to finding the proper wall studs that will prevent it all from crashing down. You can call Practical Remodeling & Repair in Wisconsin Rapids.


Problem: Your energy bill has gone through the roof, and you still feel a chill.

Enter: The energy auditor or rater. These pros come armed with sophisticated equipment to trace even tiny air leaks and will prioritize problem areas in your home. Some local utility companies will send a contractor to you for a free basic inspection. CMS Construction can also advise on going greener and saving energy in your home.


Problem: Your china cabinet is full of unused mint-condition heirlooms.

Enter: The eBay drop-off store. These independently owned stores handle everything from photographing to shipping. Stores known as Power Sellers, such as iSold It, may fetch a higher price than you can, and there’s usually no charge if an item doesn’t sell.


Problem: Despite your best efforts, your house always seems to be a disaster zone.

Enter: The house cleaner. One person or a whole crew will do the dirty work for you, whether it’s a weekly visit or a job every few months―all in a couple of hours. There are several independent cleaners in Wisconsin Rapids, but you might want to try a listed cleaning service.


Problem: Your home computer has taken mutiny to a new level.

Enter: The home-technology consultant. A pro will save you time on tasks like setting up a computer and rescuing a hard-drive crash and make all systems go by the end of setup. There are a couple in Wisconsin Rapids like ZAXX or RCO Computers.


Good luck!

Home Design and Trends: Let it go to your head…board!

March 9, 2010

Do It Yourself Headboards

Every room needs a focus and in the bedroom, it’s no different. Try the key word…bed! Every bed should have a headboard…and I’m not talking the traditional headboard (although some are just beautiful: strong woods and great finishes). I think it’s time to think outside of the box(spring).

Try some of these ideas:

  • Salvaged wood can be painted and stenciled for a really inviting vibe (see photo).
  • A collection of mirrors transforms a boring bedroom into a DIY dream.
  • A rescued mantelpiece and old doors become shabby chic headboards.
  • How about the old shutters you pulled off the house last year? With a little sanding, and a fresh coat of paint, you’ve got a unique headboard solution!

Any more ideas? Feel free to share!

Home Design and Trends: Get Creative!

March 3, 2010

If you’re longing for the warm weather that’s just around the bend, don’t delay—jumpstart the spring season by adding bright bursts of color throughout your home. From one-of-a-kind stairways to stylish shelves and adorned drawers, let the sun shine in with lovely, unexpected accents in every room of your home.

Paint Possibilities
A bucket of paint in a fun, vivid color is one of the easiest—and most inexpensive—ways to instantly transform an ordinary item.

  • Stylish Wooden Staircase: Look around your home for large, showcased features that are often ignored when it comes to decorating. Your wooden staircase is the perfect example! With a pencil, ruler and painter’s tape, work your way down your stairs, measuring approximately 3 inches in from each side of the step to create a “runner.” Tape off the inner section and sand it down with sandpaper, then apply a base primer. Once dry, color in your runner with at least three coats of latex paint to stand up against high foot traffic.
  • Tip: Choose one bright color for your staircase, or paint each step in a different complementary hue!

Pretty Papers

    • A Perfect Fit: Select a gorgeous wallpaper or specialty liner paper, then trim it to size with a craft knife or scissors and fasten it in place with an all-purpose spray adhesive, smoothing away any air bubbles with your hands.
    • Tip: A decorative liner is the perfect way to spice up an everyday piece of furniture, but it serves an additional purpose. The paper will keep the lined surface protected from dirt, dust and nicks.

    • Easy Removal: It’s important to fasten your liner paper in place with a spray adhesive. Otherwise, the paper will slip and lift up, sometimes trapping smaller items beneath the paper. However, if you’d like to remove the liner at any point, simply apply an all-purpose adhesive remover, available at most craft and hardware stores, to safely and easily remove the paper with no damage to your furniture.
  • Take advantage of the countless textures, patterns and color combinations that abound in specialty papers, using your selection as a stunning, unexpected liner on bookshelves, pantry shelves, or drawers in a dresser, desk or kitchen.When it comes to sunny touches, it’s all about refreshing your surroundings in small, special ways that make a big impact. Once you get started, you’ll be inspired to add bright twists of color to every corner of your home.

Home Design and Trends: Decorating with Brown

February 22, 2010

Decorating With Brown
By Nicole Sforza

Use it to make a bold statement―or as a modest sidekick to brighter hues.

Blend red, yellow, and blue (the primary colors) and you get brown. “That’s why every color goes with it,” says New York City interior designer Elaine Griffin, a huge fan of this hardworking neutral. “With dark brown paint, the walls are the star and the objects play second fiddle. With light brown walls, the reverse is true.” At either end of the spectrum and anywhere in between, brown is known to make people feel safe and comfortable, grounded and at ease.

Light Brown Walls

As calming as a sandy beach, light brown is “the next step up from white or ivory,” says Los Angeles interior designer Kyle Schuneman. “It offers minimal risk but much more impact.” A perfect background for blues and greens (think beach again) or dramatic jewel tones, it also brings refinement to a neutral room when it’s paired with crisp white woodwork. (Photo by: William Waldron)

Dark Brown Walls

Womblike, cozy, and luscious, dark brown makes you want to curl up with a book (or drift off to sleep). It’s also woodsy, which lends it a magical, deep-forest quality. Dark browns look fantastic paired with super-saturated bold colors, such as orange (shown right), or as a counterpoint to muted colors, like pale pink. In a sunny room, they can take on very different tones at different times of the day; observe closely when testing out.

Brown With Yellow

Friendly and inviting, this sunny combination can feel both retro and―with simple, clean-lined furnishings―contemporary. Deep brown goes particularly well with buttercup yellow; you can bring in stronger acid yellows with small objects.

Brown With Lavender

Soft, feminine purple brings a masculine gray brown to life. (“These are the colors of a perfect field in Provence,” notes Griffin.) The key is to keep the lavender to a minimum―accent pieces only―so it doesn’t overpower the earthy, neutral shade with its inherent girliness.

Brown With Blue

Even in an eclectic setting, the mix of warm brown and cool blue feels natural―think earth and sky. The gamut of combinations work (navy with camel, turquoise with terra-cotta), but a rich royal blue and a dark chocolate is especially current. Home Design & Trends: Ornaments of the Season

December 1, 2009

Beautiful. Classic. Elegant. Graceful.
This glass drop ornament is what I would call the favorite ornament of the season.  Barely in the store a week and ladies were searching the store to collect as many as they could find!  You could hear them discussing all the different ways to use these, places they could be hung, other than on a tree.

Snowflakes a close second…

A holiday decoration that doesn’t need to be taken down right after the Holidays!

Pearl beads to go around candles or anything else you can think of.

Holiday decorating tip: Put some of your ornaments in large glass container or on a bowl on the counter for a new twist.