Home Design and Trends: Color My World!

Easy Ways to Add Color to a Room

It’s easy and fun – but don’t go overboard. Pick one wall or one piece of furniture and get comfortable with injecting some color into your life!

1) Wallpaper one wall: Pick one wall and a great looking wallpaper with pattern, color, or both! Vertical stripes will add depth while a pattern will be easy to hide your seams. So, whether you’re a professional, or just trying it for the first time, choose accordingly.

2) Try a large piece of furniture in a great color: The key here is to not make it look like a carnival funhouse – although I’m sure the kids would love that! Keep your room in a neutral color and then add an eye-catching sofa or chair in a color that you like and works with existing hues in the room. Think of it like an outfit. If you have a neutral outfit in greys, blacks and whites, you can add a bright colored shoe and it works!

3) Paint something other than the walls: Sure, the walls are great for painting, but what about the ceiling or the floor? Try an unexpected color in a pplace you might not expect it. I had a friend who had a sweet kitchen that had a bistro feel to it. They had great appliances and the walls done in a calm golden color and then Pow! You looked up at the ceiling and you saw a rich brick red. Such a wonderful rich color – warm and perfect for the kitchen!

So…give some color a whirl and you’ll be hooked! I know I am!


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