Home Design and Trends: Get Creative!

If you’re longing for the warm weather that’s just around the bend, don’t delay—jumpstart the spring season by adding bright bursts of color throughout your home. From one-of-a-kind stairways to stylish shelves and adorned drawers, let the sun shine in with lovely, unexpected accents in every room of your home.

Paint Possibilities
A bucket of paint in a fun, vivid color is one of the easiest—and most inexpensive—ways to instantly transform an ordinary item.

  • Stylish Wooden Staircase: Look around your home for large, showcased features that are often ignored when it comes to decorating. Your wooden staircase is the perfect example! With a pencil, ruler and painter’s tape, work your way down your stairs, measuring approximately 3 inches in from each side of the step to create a “runner.” Tape off the inner section and sand it down with sandpaper, then apply a base primer. Once dry, color in your runner with at least three coats of latex paint to stand up against high foot traffic.
  • Tip: Choose one bright color for your staircase, or paint each step in a different complementary hue!

Pretty Papers

    • A Perfect Fit: Select a gorgeous wallpaper or specialty liner paper, then trim it to size with a craft knife or scissors and fasten it in place with an all-purpose spray adhesive, smoothing away any air bubbles with your hands.
    • Tip: A decorative liner is the perfect way to spice up an everyday piece of furniture, but it serves an additional purpose. The paper will keep the lined surface protected from dirt, dust and nicks.

    • Easy Removal: It’s important to fasten your liner paper in place with a spray adhesive. Otherwise, the paper will slip and lift up, sometimes trapping smaller items beneath the paper. However, if you’d like to remove the liner at any point, simply apply an all-purpose adhesive remover, available at most craft and hardware stores, to safely and easily remove the paper with no damage to your furniture.
  • Take advantage of the countless textures, patterns and color combinations that abound in specialty papers, using your selection as a stunning, unexpected liner on bookshelves, pantry shelves, or drawers in a dresser, desk or kitchen.When it comes to sunny touches, it’s all about refreshing your surroundings in small, special ways that make a big impact. Once you get started, you’ll be inspired to add bright twists of color to every corner of your home.


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